Suffering has a way of bringing us to our knees before a holy God as we cry out for relief.

"Discovering Repentance" speaks to the heart that is incarcerated by sin and desires to find the freedom promised to followers of Jesus Christ. Many are inflicted with the malignant tumor of the Judas Complex—-regretting their foolish and hurtful choices, but coming up short of finding forgiveness and healing.
This book brings us back to the living Word of God by considering what the Bible says about the difference between living in patterns of selfishness and surrendering to the mercy of a forgiving God. Hope is only a prayer away, but it must be applied according to the truth of Scripture.

Written as a teaching aide within Prison Ministry, this short book is packed with transforming guidance for anyone who recognizes their sinful condition and desires to be set free from guilt and the penalty for sin, regardless as to which side of the bars they currently reside.

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This book is designed to be given away for free to those burdened by the weight of their past choices. If you are involved in prison ministry, recovery ministry, youth ministry, baptism counseling, or even street evangelism, and want to acquire paperback copies in bulk for giving away, contact the author for purchasing at-cost.
Isa 2:2-5
Freedom beyond Guilt
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Discovering Repentance - Breaking the chains